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Classical Science Will Never Discover the Spiritual World

Question: Physics says the same thing as Kabbalah: that we perceive only a small portion of everything that exists in the physical universe. How are the parts of the physical reality that we don’t perceive different from the spiritual world, which we also don’t perceive?

Dr. Laitman’s Answer: Scientists are able to create instruments to recognize what we don’t perceive with our bodily senses. These instruments enable us to expand our senses, although all the data that we discover using these tools still has to go through our senses and be transformed into a form that we can perceive. Currently we perceive everything inside the desire to receive, in an egoistic manner, because we are egoists within. Therefore, no matter how many new phenomena we reveal in nature, we will not reveal the spiritual realm because it is based on an altruistic nature. Without changing our egoistic nature, we can only reveal more of our material world.

The spiritual world can only be revealed by changing the method of how we perceive our surroundings. We have to change our perception from reception to bestowal; then our perception will become altruistic. However, in order to develop this kind of perception, we need a new method of relating to the world. This is why a completely new science about the world—Kabbalah—is emerging to replace the sciences that examine nature through our egoism. Classical science is now in crisis because it cannot give us anything qualitatively new. People feel oversaturated by the material things because these things no longer fulfill them. That is why people are starting to ask the question: Where do we go from here? The only answer is to shift to a different way of using our desire.

The Book Of Zohar is a Ticket to the Spiritual World

Question: Why is The Book of Zohar so famous?

Dr. Laitman’s Answer: It is common knowledge that The Book of Zohar is unique; it is the only book with the power to bring human beings into the spiritual world. This unparalleled mission is what brought this book to fame and has made humankind have a special relationship to it. The discovery of the spiritual world using The Book of Zohar begins by opening ourselves to the text so it can flow through us easily, completely unobstructed. We can then begin to feel new, spiritual sensations. As we are reading or listening to this book, we have to expect to feel a new realm that is made up of feelings, but without any fantasies or visual images. We should try to feel the words of this book immediately and directly, as when reading something that is close to us, something we understand and experience as we are immersed in reading the text.

The Most Important Thing In Life

Question: Why is Kabbalah important?

Dr. Laitman’s Answer: Out of all the things filling up our lives, some are more important and others are less. Every moment, we change our opinion of what is more important; sometimes we value sleep, other times play or food, and so on. But how do we find the most important thing in life?

It has to be unconditional, infinite, and higher than anything. It has to transcend the boundaries between life and death and fulfill all of our desires, even those we don’t even know we have yet. It has to be the highest, most exalted thing in the world, the very peak toward which all things lead. So how do we find this thing and attain it? How do we reach absolute joy and success here and now? We can do it through a method called “the wisdom of Kabbalah.” That is why this wisdom is so important. We value anything according to how much it benefits us, and if Kabbalah can help us attain everything, this makes it more important than anything else.