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Baby Einstein, It’s Time for an Education Upgrade!

Today, being a baby Einstein is no longer knowing how to use a TV remote control, but knowing how to push the buttons controlling all of reality…

Threatened with a class action law suit for deceptive practices in claiming that their videos are educational and beneficial for early childhood development, Disney Company is offering refunds to millions of parents who purchased Baby Einstein videos, or alternatively, they are offering “satisfaction upgrades” to a book or music CD. The offer currently only covers households in the U.S., but British campaigners are pushing for refunds in the UK reporting that they, too, have collectively purchased millions of Baby Einstein products.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends no screen time for children under two. Yet, the electronic media market for babies and toddlers is booming, making screen time more prevalent than ever. A recent Kaiser Family Foundation study found that 68% of children under two years watch screen media on any given day—that is nearly seven in ten children! How did we get here?

Like Parents, Like Children

It isn’t difficult to notice that starting from earliest childhood, every child naturally strives to imitate his or her parents. Children closely observe their parents’ actions and demeanor, and then strive to use this knowledge to achieve their own goals. Through interaction with our children, we help them acquire new capabilities and data, as well as techniques for coping with the world around them.

Survey results confirm that the examples set by adults are the main source of early education. Out of the 68% of children under two years old that watched screen media, only 27% imitated some type of behavior from TV. But 38% can turn on the TV by themselves, and 40% can change channels with the remote. So, our children are not imitating the screen media; they are imitating us!

But that’s not all; there is another steady, natural trend that has existed between parents and children for generations. Every new generation is more evolved than the previous. Children always have greater desires, higher aspirations, and bigger dreams than their parents. And so, isn’t it our duty and responsibility to provide them with the knowledge and practical tools for realizing their dreams and desires?

In our day and age, when concepts like distance and time have become virtual, this means nothing less than teaching them the rules that govern all of reality, as well as the ultimate purpose for which we were created.

Education For The 21st Century

While our children easily manipulate electronic gadgets that didn’t exist a few decades ago during our childhoods, and while we mull over the cons and pros of showing them the hottest new “educational video” on the kids’ market, we can be certain that there is one wisdom that is sure to guarantee their best future, right at the beginning of their lives.

This wisdom, called Kabbalah, will teach them (and us) about the fundamental laws of all reality, the relationships that are required in today’s age, the nature of their desires, and most importantly, the formula for lasting fulfillment. These concepts and principles can be learned through games, music, books, and interactive group activities which are fun and entertaining.

And of course, the best way to teach your child all of these principles is to learn and implement them yourself. It will then come easily and naturally to your children. Let your little ones begin their exploration of the world by setting positive examples and upgrading their education to one befitting of our day and age. What could be better than to show our children right at the beginning of their lives how to guarantee their best future?