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Women, If You Only Knew …

The power of women’s desire can fuel the change needed to bring the entire world to perfection, joy, and peace

The more humanity develops, the more complicated and unpredictable our lives become. And as usual, the most difficult part falls on the shoulders of the most beautiful part of humanity.

According to the World Health Organization, about twice as many women (20-26%) as men (8-12%) are affected by a depressive disorder each year. Despite the fact that women have achieved freedom, high social status, and equality, they, in growing numbers, still feel psychologically empty and insecure in life. At the same time, women comprise the greater and, arguably, stronger part of humanity. In fact, they are the driving force that inspires and pushes men to commit heroic and noble deeds. It’s no wonder that there is a saying, “God wants whatever woman wants.”

So what happened to that beautiful inspirer about whom numerous poems and songs were written, and who was a devotee of incredible victories and conquests? What happened to that tender, warm, and reliable keeper of the “family hearth”?

However, it isn’t just women who have changed. “Men are not the same as they once were,” say women, mothers, and wives. In fact, the whole world is not the same. In the modern reality, women have to worry about taking care of things they never had to before: how to earn income together with bringing up children, how to avoid wars and economic troubles, and so on. Struggling to find a balance between all these social and personal challenges while not sensing a strong, supportive man’s shoulder, women are becoming more independent and adopting more roles traditionally ascribed to men. Sometimes they even forget that they are women …

Woman, The Invisible Driving Force

Yet, the entire world is and has always been driven by women’s desires, because women are destined by nature to inspire and to bring meaning into the lives of their special ones. They set goals, they define directions, they direct all thoughts, and by doing this, they draw our common future. Yet, they have somehow lost awareness of their role and destiny and try to do everything themselves.

However, our world is governed by the laws of nature as always, and if we observe closely, we see that on all levels of existence, no living species can exist, live, or survive by itself. Existence is only possible by complementing the “other half.” In other words, each element in nature is always a complementary part to its opposite, and only together can they be complete and perfect. Even on the vegetative level, the division into male and female parts is clearly evident. This “specialization” is enrooted into all things by nature, and it dictates that equilibrium can be reached only if both parts, male and female, correctly interact with each other.

This primal law has been operating in all of reality from the beginning of time, building our world in a strictly defined order, ensuring that the “female” part of reality defines the direction of where everything is going. The same applies in our lives; although in recent times, it seems male and female duties and roles have been mixed up. Yet, by virtue of the very foundation of their female nature, women (unknowingly) are still steering the world through their desires.

Intuition and instincts worked fairly well until the 20th century. But as humanity reached the peak of its egoistic development, instincts were subdued by the ego and started working against us. In the 21st century, our collective ego has culminated to a height of individualism and separatism. The collective positive connection, now lost, in former eras sustained families, villages, states, and nations. Now, we see the very nucleus of human existence, the family, in disarray, as evidenced by the high incidence of divorce, drug use, and depression, all of which exacerbate women’s feelings of emptiness.

This heightened and growing emptiness, we are also finding, can no longer be fulfilled by the regular material “stuff” we used to buy or do. Humanity is beginning to realize that the only thing that will fill the emptiness is eternal spiritual fulfillment. Women’s emptiness is also the tool we can use to emerge from this current empty state. Women with their desires inherently guiding the world are the critical invisible driving force to steer us all to attaining complete and perfect spiritual fulfillment. Women’s desire for spiritual fulfillment will fuel the desperately needed changes for men to naturally enact their part to bring our troubled world to the correct form.

Then our “female” and “male” parts, together in perfect complement, will work in one complete unity that will transcend all of us to the new beautiful reality!