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Nature’s Students

The result of our collective discontent is an increasing tendency to ask: What is the purpose of my life? Kabbalah is a spiritual science that reaches out from its ancient roots to answer this very current and pressing demand. Students explore this science online, at the Bnei Baruch Kabbalah Learning Center

Why Study Kabbalah?

In the decades leading up to the first part of the 21st century, society became increasingly dissatisfied with what life has to offer. The wars, revolutions, and social movements of the 20th century have left us wondering: What is next? Is this all there is?

Particularly in developed countries, people are overwhelmed by unshakable feelings of emptiness and despair. This sense of deep unrest has grown to a peak in our generation. Like never before this generation suffers. It suffers from depression and anxiety, an unstable economy, an unprecedented breakdown in the family structure, impending environmental catastrophe, and a general lack of motivation and sense of apathy for the future.

The result of our collective discontent is an increasing tendency to ask: What is the purpose of my life? Kabbalah is a spiritual science that reaches out from its ancient roots to answer this very current and pressing demand.

What Does Kabbalah Answer?

Kabbalah answers that basic demand for the answer to the purpose of life. It shows us the limits of our perception and introduces us to true reality. In the past only a handful of philosophers, holy men, and scientists asked about the laws of Nature, the meaning of life, and the perception of reality. Now this demand is commonplace.

Throughout human history we have functioned on autopilot, moving from desire to desire like puppets on a string. We have developed our cultures, civilizations, and technologies through the all encompassing desire for pleasure that is called the human ego.

In our times we can no longer be satisfied with our basic animal and human desires. The compelling drive of our egoistic development seems to have worn itself out. There seems to be nowhere else to go. We want more; we need more. In our times we have awakened the desire for spirituality.

Kabbalah fulfills the desire for spirituality and illustrates the true laws of Nature, beyond our limited perception, and shows how to live according to those laws. We can see through our own experience how different human nature is from the rest of Nature. Every other species on the planet only takes as much from nature as it absolutely needs: nothing more and nothing less. Human egoism knows no bounds to how much it will take from others and from nature. This egoism is the sole reason for all of the destruction we see in the world.

Once humanity lived in balance with Nature, but through the increasing development of our egoistic desire we evolved to a point of total imbalance with the natural system. The understanding of our connection to this system has been lost in the mists of history. While we cannot devolve into prehistoric desires, we can look to the future and find the way into balance from our fully evolved perspective. None of us wants to go back to the Stone Age, but we do want to live in harmony with each other and with Nature. Kabbalah teaches us how we can use our development to equalize with the natural system within our modern society. Nature operates on the principle of love and giving. In order for humanity to come to balance with the system, we need not give up our technologies; we need to learn to give.

Humanity is beginning to wake up to its own nature. We know we can no longer function according to our egoism. We know that there must be a change or our entire race will face dire consequences. Collectively we have no idea where to turn with our demand for change and for answers to our questions. More people than ever are asking why they live, and it is precisely this time and this demand that Kabbalah was meant to answer.

How to Find Answers Through Kabbalah

The Bnei Baruch Learning Center is a platform that answers the question of the meaning of life, the nature of reality, and the method to transform human egoism, thereby assuring humanity a bountiful future. The Learning Center’s interactive classes start with very basic principles of Kabbalah and progress to the technical aspects of the structure of reality. These classes show how to connect with the laws of Nature and how to implement these laws in our daily lives for the benefit of all of humanity.

The Learning Center offers anextensive program of live Kabbalah instruction on both an American and European schedule with live translation into Spanish. Experienced teachers interact and instruct in real time and are able to answer individual student questions. All of the materials, authentic Kabbalistic texts, and instruction are offered free of charge. Lessons are broadcast live, twice weekly, and are archived to accommodate every student’s schedule. Students are free to be as involved as they have the desire and ability to be.

The Learning Center also provides students an online forum to post questions and share their impressions with instructors and fellow students. These forums are monitored by trained moderators who answer questions and offer personal guidance. Students benefit from reading each other’s questions, interacting with each other, and sharing mutual encouragement.
Kabbalah is a discipline that must be practiced in a specific way to gain its intended benefits. Kabbalah is best studied in a group, with teachers, and authentic texts. The Learning Center is a real environment for the study of Kabbalah, which provides all the necessary tools and allows a student to practice and experiment with what they are learning. The Learning Center gives students the support and environment to experience and practice what Kabbalah teaches.

Through interaction during the live lessons and student forum, students create a sense of community that goes beyond what one might feel in other learning environments. Through the Learning Center environment the force of Nature is evoked on students and they begin to experience the change they desire. Not only does learning Kabbalah fulfill the desire for the answer to the meaning of life, in a correct learning environment students will find themselves becoming more equivalent to the laws of Nature. Every aspect of students’ lives gains greater clarity and they begin to perceive true reality. In the words of a Learning Center alumnus, “It is truly life changing.”