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The Key to Change (of Heart)

The world demands change, politicians promise it. But, what is the change we really need? It is a change of heart to operate in accordance with Nature in a state of wholeness. Kabbalah holds the key to connecting to abundance and prosperity

The popularity of slogan, dictum, motto, and maxim as a form of persuasive argument has long been a part of political campaigns in order to gain favorable reaction from the public. It is not surprising that today, as the global crisis escalates, public enthusiasm is immense for politicians around the globe chanting the dictum of change. Everyone agrees that we need change; so, what is the problem?

What is the Change We Need?

At first glance, it appears to be a problem of nuance. However, when we analyze the political argument for the change we need, we discover that the argument itself is defective. According to Aristotle, a potentially persuasive argument, where the premise gives no rational grounds for accepting the conclusion, is defective. These defective forms of argument are called fallacies, in this case, the fallacy of circular argument, as the premise for change presumes too much. It simply begs the question: What is the change we need?

Crisis: The Revelation of the Connection Between Us

All of the methods that we are applying to the current crisis view change as something we can do on our own. However, today, for the first time in history, the current state of the world is not simply a crisis; it is a revelation of the connection between us. This connection is being revealed in the economy, trade, and in all social and political relationships. And grim news from the World Bank: A stimulus won’t save us—we are fresh out of money to jump start the global economy.

Correcting the Connection: The Way to Abundance and Prosperity

The Kabbalists see this as the starting point for humanity’s correction and the end of all of our misfortunes. The current crisis shows us how connected we are. Therefore, the means of solving the problem is correcting our connection, meaning that we should not just build the proper economic model; in this global world, we should make heart to heart connections. The science of Kabbalah, which is becoming more widely recognized in recent years, is the key to the solution.

All of the great Kabbalists throughout history, from Abraham to Yehuda Ashlag, dreamed of our time, when all humanity could discover the wonders that they had. They searched and found the answers to the very questions humanity is now asking. What is the structure of reality? What forces govern the world? How can a person affect his or her own fate and that of humanity? They wrote about what they discovered in their books, describing a single system that incorporates all people and paves the way to a future of abundance and prosperity.
The Book of Zohar, written approximately 2,000 years ago, says that toward the end of the 20th century humanity will reach its maximum imbalance with Nature. The book says that at that time, humanity will need the method of survival and of fulfillment. Then, says The Book of Zohar, the time will come to disclose Kabbalah to all humankind, as a method for reaching similarity to Nature.

Our generation stands at the threshold of a dramatic change of heart. Just as all other parts of nature exist harmoniously, we can consciously and willingly rise to a new level of harmonious connection. The science of Kabbalah, the same knowledge that was passed on from Abraham through all the generations, is precisely a method for correcting our connection. It explains the system of laws that enable us to operate in accordance with Nature in a state of wholeness. The Kabbalists have given us the key, which, if used correctly, will allow us to change our heart and reality instantaneously.