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Editor’s Note

Hope for a World in Crisis

A quick glance at the news is all it takes to convince anyone that we live in a deeply troubled world. Rich, poor, young and old are all affected. In this issue of Kabbalah Today, we take a look at some of the struggles people are facing and offer Kabbalah’s remedy.

The financial crisis continues to dominate the headlines despite all efforts to reverse it. But in the midst of all this, Navigating Through the Financial Storm reminds us that money didn’t cause the crisis, and therefore, money can’t fix it. The way to overcome this winter of hardship is by building the right connections between us.

There is no doubt that economic uncertainty is causing stress for millions, and people are not always handling it well. What Lies Ahead: Conflict or a Peaceful Transition? examines the riots that erupted in Greece following the shooting of a teenager and tackles the inevitable question: Is this violence a precursor of events to come, or can we find an alternative?

In these uncertain times, we shouldn't forget they are just as stressful for our children. In The American Education System: “F” is for Failing, we consider what our children really need to prepare them for life in the 21st century.

Yet, amidst all the crises and struggles, there is a giant ray of hope. The International Kabbalah Congress: A Celebration of Unity will tell you about a historic event of unity where thousands of people, oblivious to race, religion or politics, will join together in peace and harmony, pointing the world to a better way.