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A Game Is a Serious Affair

We are all parts of one whole, but our egoism divides it into separate, disconnected fragments. By desiring to restore this mosaic, I connect with all those who also seek unity, and with our efforts we draw upon us the force that operates in the whole. This force corrects us and binds us together. In doing this, we become similar to Nature.

When we are inside a group of people who aspire to unite, we have to express a warm attitude toward our friends, even if we don’t actually feel it. We are playing against each other, and together we are playing against our egoism. We have to do everything possible to confuse our egoism and conquer it. This game is not a deceit, but a serious affair that enables us to develop.

From Kabbalist Baruch Ashlag’s article, “About Love of Friends” (Essay 3, 1984)