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“We Want Change”

On January 20, the world will witness American President-elect Barack Obama's inauguration, and the countdown will begin. Will the new leader deliver the promised change and help lead the world out of unprecedented economic turmoil?

Even before he is inaugurated, many are already weighing in what they expect from his first 100 days in office. As the world moves unsteadily through one of the deepest financial crises in history, the soon-to-be-President of the United States does not have the luxury of a traditional “grace period” before the inauguration. He must already begin to deliver more than his personal charisma and hopeful slogans about change.

So, Mr. President, here are five essential Kabbalistic tips that we hope will help you progress from optimistic words about reclaiming the American dream to actually making it happen.

Globalization. By now we’ve heard this a million times, but let us say it anyway - our world is round (or flat, in the words of Thomas Friedman). In the Globalization Era 3.0, if you want to propose a deal to America or any other country, you must understand that you are doing business with all of humanity. Any rescue program will have to be based on the understanding that all of us are cells in one human body, and that the fate of each country is dependent upon the fate of every other nation in the world, for better or for worse.

Regulation of the Ego. Almost everyone – including major economists – has recognized that the main reason for the current economic crisis is the swollen egos of the big players. But the truth goes beyond that: it’s not just them - it’s everyone, from the jaded broker who mocked sophisticated financial tools, to the real estate agent who gave the financially weak home buyer a loan he could never repay, to the buyer who understood his true economic capabilities but went for the American Dream anyway.

Well, it’s time to put all that behind us and to realize that we are living in a reality where the selfish decision of one individual can seal the fate of entire nations. Hence, local supervision of a financial system is an outdated solution. In order to create a significant change in the world, you, Mr. President, will have to use every available means to bring this understanding to all the people in the world: each of us must regulate his or her own ego. In this Era of Globalization, concern for others is really concern for yourself. But how in the world can we accomplish this?

A Global Education System. The recent American presidential campaign clearly showed that wise use of the media is the key to success. Therefore, you should continue to use this tool to create a positive change in the world. You must help the major media networks understand that America’s future welfare, as well as that of the world, depends on the quality of the messages the media transmits to the public. They must nurture values and ideas that benefit society as a whole, not just their CEOs’ private bank accounts.

Moreover, schools and parents should learn and teach the principles of existence in a globalized world. They must internalize the idea that humanity functions as one body and that our success depends on our active, positive participation in the functioning of that body.

Taking the Internet into Account. One of the unexpected stars of your election campaign was the Internet, Mr. President-elect. (And who knows this better than you, who may soon become the first President to bring a webcam into the Oval Office!) Social platforms such as You Tube, MySpace and Facebook have made the difference, and they will continue to do so if you, Mr. President, will forge ahead after the election campaign and continue using them as a tool for positive change. And that positive change is most needed when it comes to interpersonal relationships, and nothing connects people more than the Internet. It enables us to overcome cultural differences, the obstructions of time and distance, and even language differences. What could be more constructive than turning the Internet into a platform that nurtures possibilities for a real human connection? It can become a melting pot, a home, and a social environment that anyone can enter and feel comfortable in, like coming home to one’s family.

Restoring Faith in the System. One of the symptoms of the present crisis is the general loss of trust between businesses, states and civilians. Hence, one of the first matters you should attend to is restoring people’s trust in the markets, and this trust can only be created by removing the self-serving component from the system. When financial institutions and individuals understand that harming another person or enterprise may boomerang right back to them, it will be possible to establish a healthy system. Trust will be restored because everyone will feel that companies are sincerely concerned for them, and this will guarantee the success of the whole system.

In this unusual time, "the day after” is going to come sooner than usual, Mr. President, so you have no time to waste. The Global Era we have entered requires us to change our approach. From now on, we have to replace the “me” that’s at the center of our worldview, with “humanity.”