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Editor’s Note

The Global Crisis: a Springboard to Spirituality

The global financial crisis continues to dominate the headlines of all major media. Clearly, it’s not over yet, and some say that it’s just starting to pick up speed. In this issue of Kabbalah Today, we continue to shed much-needed light on the current happenings in the world.

“Musings on the Financial Crisis” will tell you that it’s okay to be angry and frustrated at what’s happening, but once our emotions subside, we must take a mature look at our world view, and re-evaluate it if we’re to change things for the better.

“We Want Change” presents some basic facts that will help you find your footing in a world that has entered a new era: Globalization 3.0.

“Can We Stop Being Scrooge?” traces the surprising parallels between the star of the holiday season, Scrooge, and ourselves. It reminds us of the old lesson that’s more relevant now than ever: compassion and consideration for others bring much greater rewards than do egoism and greed.

For the scientist in you, “How to Catch a Case of Happy” will show why the above lesson now has a scientific basis. By expressing a joyful and loving attitude to those around us, we can actually “infect” each other with the most valuable thing in the world – lasting happiness.

Finally, “What’s In a Name?” and “A Requiem for Utopian Dreams” will give you a peek into the spiritual world, which is about to open up before us. Once we learn how best to use the system of global interdependency that’s becoming apparent through the financial crisis, we will see that today’s turmoil is, in fact, a time of great spiritual transformation - a springboard to spirituality.