Kabbalah vs. Football Madness - Official Kabbalah Publication of the Bnei Baruch Kabbalah Education & Research Institute
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Kabbalah vs. Football Madness

Have you noticed the “football madness” that’s happening all over the world? People are warming up their intention, their thoughts and desires for this sport even on the days and times when there are no games scheduled. The TV is virtually bombarding us with this “intention,” people are wearing their favorite team colors, everyone’s talking about it, and it’s slowly becoming “the only thing that exists,” even for those who are not ardent fans. What happens is that masses of people are living through the same emotions.

In fact, people who study Kabbalah may look like they’re doing something remarkably similar: working up a special “intention” (of bestowal), pumping up their thoughts and desires in a particular direction, and rooting for an elusive thing called “bestowal” in every way possible. It’s the only thing they think and talk about, and the only real thing in life for them.

So what’s the difference between football madness and Kabbalah? What makes the intention and the end goal of Kabbalah students different from the intention and the goal of football fans?

The huge difference is the result of the two. Through the method of Kabbalah, people develop a drastically new perception – they open up a new sense that perceives something called “spirituality” or bestowal: a sensation of perfection beyond time and space. Rather than just “passing the time” or “having fun,” they go through an immeasurable inner development of qualities and sensations, thereby moving toward the purpose of their existence in this world.