Connecting the Dots (the Kabbalistic Version) - Official Kabbalah Publication of the Bnei Baruch Kabbalah Education & Research Institute
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Connecting the Dots (the Kabbalistic Version)

As children, we play Connect the Dots as a means of entertainment. As adults, there is a game of connection that can literally change the world if we choose to play

Children play a game called “Connect the Dots,” sometimes called “Dot to Dot.” It is a kind of puzzle that contains a hidden picture. Drawn on paper with pencil, it begins with a sequence of numbered dots, letters or symbols. By drawing lines between the dots in numerical, alphabetical, or symbolic order, one completes the image that is prefigured in the puzzle.

Believe it or not, we are all involved in a global game of “Connect the Dots.” There is, if you will, a “dot” within each of us – an underlying desire to discover the meaning and purpose of our lives. Kabbalah calls this desire “the Point in the Heart.” And when that point awakens, we begin asking ourselves questions such as: “Why do I exist? Is there more to life than this? What is the purpose and meaning of it all?”

According to Kabbalah, the goal and purpose of life is really all about connecting those dots - connecting our common desires to discover the purpose of life, thus revealing the Big Picture. And just like a Connect the Dots picture puzzle, we are able to see the Big Picture only to the degree that we connect those dots.

Connecting to See the Big Picture

Today, it is becoming increasingly apparent that all of us are globally interconnected. Our supermarkets offer foods from every corner of the world. Manufactured goods rely on components made wherever labor is cheapest. National economies are inextricably tied to commercial agreements between countries. Most of all, the internet realm has connected all of us beyond the boundaries of time and space.

Kabbalah explains that all of this reflects our movement toward our inner connection – that link through the Points in the Heart. The desire to discover the purpose of life, which we all share, is the very beginning of a fundamentally new sense and consciousness of global interconnection.

Developing this connection and seeing the Big Picture is something that will affect the whole of humanity, as well as every individual. It is how we can create a world where people live in peace and harmony, where each individual realizes the role intended for them in the thought of creation.

So how do we go about connecting those dots? We make the connections through our inner attitudes, unseen to the eye. Through all our personal experiences with people, events or circumstances that seem to occur at random, we cultivate a new sense of interconnection and reciprocity, as if we were the cells of a single organism.

Kabbalah gives us the method to defocus our current perception of separated individuals, and refocus it on a wholesome picture of interconnected beings. Instead of seeing a world of hostility and suffering, we will see one of mutual appreciation and joy.

As more and more people join in this endeavor, the picture will become clearer and clearer. Once we connect the dots and create that Big Picture, we will discover that it was really there all along.