Kabbalah: User Manual - Official Kabbalah Publication of the Bnei Baruch Kabbalah Education & Research Institute
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Kabbalah: User Manual

What’s it All About?

Although we often feel like isolated individuals and see a world of schisms, Kabbalists say that we are all interconnected and interdependent. Much like the cells of a living body, we are all parts of a single entity called “the collective soul.”

Our individual souls are bound together by an Upper Force that can only be described as complete, unconditional love and bestowal. This force not only connects us together, but all other parts of Creation as well—it is Nature’s all inclusive force, “the Creator.”

Those who have developed the ability to perceive this force and the collective human soul are called “Kabbalists.” They explain that this ability lies within every one of us, but remains dormant until we develop it. And from their perspective, it is evident that in the coming phase of human evolution, all people will discover that they are united, will connect to the Upper Force that unites them, and will thereby find true happiness.

To help us get there, Kabbalists gave us the wisdom of Kabbalah—a method by which we can develop our ability to perceive humanity’s collective soul, and connect to the Creator—the Upper Force that enlivens the whole of Creation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the relationship between Kabbalah, red strings and holy water?
There is no relation whatsoever. Red strings, holy water and other products are a lucrative commercial invention created in the past two decades.

Is Kabbalah a religion?
No. Kabblah is a science—the physics of the overall reality. It is a wisdom that reveals the comprehensive reality that is normally hidden from our senses.

Is Kabbalah related to tarot cards, astrology and numerology?
No. Tarot cards, astrology and numerology are mystical practices which were mistakenly associated with Kabbalah during the past one hundred years.

What is Kabbalistic meditation?
There is no Kabbalistic meditation. Kabbalah teaches a person how to transcend egoism and connect to the quality that prevails in Nature—unconditional love and bestowal.

Are there any amulets in Kabbalah?
No. In our world, there are no physical objects that bear any spiritual contents. Amulets can only help a person as a psychological support.