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Editor’s Note


Every day, our minds make thousands of connections between bits of data in order to construct our reality. In this issue of Kabbalah Today, we examine those connections from every angle.

“The Financial Crisis: Diagnosis and Cure” and “What Happened?” help us connect the events in today’s world with their causes and results. What is actually happening and why? And how can we use this knowledge to change the world around us?

“Floating in a Sea of Information” looks at how we connect to information. How do we access our “knowledge”? Where is it stored – our brains? And what is “collective memory”?

Next, we turn to the connections between people. “Are You Connected?” shows that our isolated and egocentric nature is the cause of the strife in the world, and explains how the Internet can be used as a stepping stone to a spiritual connection – by giving us a taste of connection beyond the constraints of our physical bodies.

“Connect the Dots” explains that what we really need is to connect our shared desires to discover our purpose. Only then will we be able to see the big picture.

Finally, in “A Guide for the Kabbalist Hitchhiker,” we examine the connection between corporeal words and spiritual states. Without knowing what this connection is, it is impossible to understand even the most basic Kabbalistic texts. By learning of the connection, one reveals a path to the spiritual world – a world of perfection beyond time or space.