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The One Link Google Can’t Reach

The Google search engine seems able to find anything in the world. But can it bring any results to the search that matters most?

The Google Dream World

Deep in the synthetic forests of Silicon Valley is an enchanted kingdom called Googleplex. It’s not easy to break through the walls surrounding the kingdom, but according to legend, it is a modern paradise. There is a gym, gourmet restaurants, swimming pools, a spa, video arcades and annual ski trips. All this is but a small part of the facilities offered to the subjects of the Google kingdom. A dream come true? Almost.

For those of you who don't know, Googleplex is the headquarters of a corporate giant—Google, best known for its effective search engine and the various internet services it has developed over the years. The commodity it deals with is information, the most valuable asset in our day and age, bringing the company 25 billion dollars a year. No doubt, Google is a model of success in the business world, the glittering diamond in the throne of modern hi-tech industry.

The Secret to Virtual Success

The secret of Google's success is simple: a little rectangle in the center of a white page. But it isn't just any rectangle. It’s a gate to another world, an open invitation to the infinite space of the virtual universe. At any given moment, hundreds of thousands of questions flow into the empty box and then into the heart of the headquarters in Mountain View, California. The Google squid sends its giant arms throughout the virtual world, finding answers to any request - even the most obscure.

Ask, and the Google oracle responds. Just fill in the box, and before you can say “Web Accelerator,” you have the answer in front of you. Google gives us a way to find answers to all our questions and desires. Doesn’t it?

What Are We Searching for?

The power of Google’s high-tech wizardry is astounding, but what’s happening on the other end of the connection? What could so many people possibly be searching for to drive this massive beast so hard?

On the surface, there are as many answers to this question as there are people in the world. Some people search for “things” – products ranging from DVDs to multi-million dollar mansions. Just name it, and you can find someone who’s selling it.

Others seek a sense of connection with people who have similar interests. A quick search of “Google Groups” shows over 1.5 million communities that you can join, and that’s just the English speaking groups! No one needs to feel alone anymore – there are always others who have the same dreams, problems and interests as you.

Other people use Google to fulfill their thirst for knowledge. Using Google, you can be instantly connected to experts in any subject and at any time.

But there’s something that all these searches have in common. Every single person who types something into the Google search engine is trying to fill a need, a sense that something is missing. No matter how trivial, each request begins with a simple desire to be fulfilled.

Yet despite the unlimited fulfillment that Google seems to offer, we constantly come up with more questions and greater desires to feed into its willing jaws. Why are we never satisfied with the answers it has already given us?

Kabbalah – the Spiritual Search Engine

We are never satisfied because lasting satisfaction can’t be found in anything that this world has to offer. The one desire that we have to fulfill in order to be truly satisfied is the desire to find the meaning of our lives - something Google can’t find for us. Although it generates over fifty million hits when prompted by the question, “What is the meaning of my life?” Google can’t really give us an answer.

In order to find the answer to this all-important question, we need a different kind of search engine - one that can draw us beyond the limited existence of this world and into a new, spiritual dimension of reality.

The wisdom of Kabbalah tells us that true fulfillment can only be found within us, and it provides us with just the “engine” to find it. Its algorithm allows us to search within and find the link to the very source of our lives. When clicking it, we will recognize who we truly are, why we spend most of our lives searching for fulfillment, and ultimately, the meaning of it all.