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Editor's Note

Kabbalah Explains the Current Events - From the Inside Out

Kabbalah Explains the Current Events - From the Inside Out

So many unprecedented and astonishing things have recently taken place that it was a real challenge to select just several to cover in this issue.

In “What Is Happening to Our Economy?” you will find the Kabbalistic interpretation of the stunning Wall Street plunge, and three steps we can take as a global society to stabilize our economy.

In “The Hurricane Within,” Kabbalah reveals why so many natural disasters have just erupted around the world and how we can achieve harmony with Nature.

Obviously, we couldn’t write the October issue without covering the gripping Presidential race in the U.S. But as you’ll find in “The U.S. Elections: Changing the World?” the real change in our world can only be made by us – the people.

On the other side of the globe, the aftermath of the Russian-Georgian war is still raising many questions. “Who’s the Real Enemy in the Russian-Georgian War?” offers Kabbalah’s unexpected answers.

For some lighter reading, “Cheat Codes to Reality” will let you in on what our lives and our video games have in common.

“The One Link Google Can’t Reach” will tell you about something that even the unsurpassed Google Search Engine can’t find (but Kabbalah’s Search Engine can)!

“Woman: the (Spiritual) Source of Life” sheds light on the age old dilemma: Why do women always want something, and what can be done to fulfill their insatiable desire?

Finally, you’ll find out what Noah’s Ark has to do with your life, and have a chance to read an enticing excerpt from The Book of Zohar – fresh from the press!