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Cheat Codes to Reality

As it happens, our lives and our video games have a lot in common. Here’s a Concise Game Manual to Real Life (cheat codes included)

If you’ve ever played a video game, you’re probably familiar with the concept of “cheat codes” – special codes and hints concealed within the game that allow you to advance many levels up, gain super powers, and overcome the obstacles standing in your way to winning the game. Of course, the best cheat code of all is God Mode – making you invincible and paving a smooth, easy way to the finish line.

As someone who’s a declared video game addict, I always wondered: is there a “cheat code” for the real world?

Well, it turns out that there is. But just like in a video game, the fact that there’s a secret code isn’t enough. You have to know how to find it and how to unlock its powers—which is precisely what the Kabbalistic books are for. By reading them, you can obtain hidden information about reality, detailing all the levels of the game, the final goal, and how to get there faster. The Kabbalistic “cheat codes” let you circumvent the regular routine and jump to a much higher level of reality.

Advancing Through the Levels

In fact, reality consists of 125 levels that lead toward the end goal. They are positioned like the rungs of a ladder – one above the other. Your objective is to climb them until reaching the final goal – complete equivalence with the Creator of the game.

Of course, if you are not aware of the game and you don’t even know how to play (not to mention having “cheat codes” or God Mode), then the game isn’t very much fun. So the first thing you have to do is take the gamepad into your hands and hit “play.” How do you do that? All you need is an honest desire to uncover the purpose of life. In truth, we all have that desire within, but it takes some of us a while to stop ignoring it and start playing the game.

Then, you can definitely accelerate your ascent up the levels and start flying through them. To do this, you have to take advice from those who have already finished the game – the Kabbalists. They already know all the clues, tricks, and cheat codes to the game of reality, and they have written it all down for us in their books – our player’s manual.

The Challenge

The whole challenge is to find out how to transform egoism to altruism – inside of you. While you may face various egoistic monsters trying to take over your character, you are not allowed to kill any of them, but only take control of them and use them in order to bestow. Once you do, they will let you in to a deeper level of reality – closer to the Creator of the game.

On each level, you will collect more knowledge, experience and inner discernments that will help you later in your quest. Correspondingly, the Kabbalistic books will take on a new, deeper meaning for you, revealing more intricate codes to overcome egoism.

Turning On God Mode

As in any video game, turning on God Mode is the best code ever, and there is a very special way to do it. God Mode can only be activated when you switch to a multiplayer setting – by finding others who have also started playing the game.

By learning how to connect with the other players, you merge your desires to discover life’s purpose, and that is when God Mode is turned on – you all become invincible, overcoming any egoistic obstacle on the way, and revealing the Creator.