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Shedding Spiritual Light on Modern Crises

The worldwide food crisis is the topic of the day, appearing in every newspaper and looming in the minds of everyone. In this issue of Kabbalah Today we felt the vital importance of addressing this global calamity, and offering a glimmer of hope to the worried public. “Mankind’s Growing Hunger” shows that the way out of the crisis is already here, and it depends entirely on us.

Equally vital are the issues of climate change and global warming, which seem to be spinning so out of our control that the more informed about them we become, the more inclined we are to simply sit idle. “Global Warming—So What!?” shows the solution that’s right in front of us, or rather, right within us.
In parallel to current events that are increasingly occupying our minds, we also present authentic, timeless Kabbalistic texts. Baal HaSulam’s “Allegory of the Lost Friends in the Desert” is a beautiful portrayal of the treasure that Kabbalists so anxiously want to show to mankind, which is lost in the desert of corporeality.

And if we want to reach out to humanity, what better place to start than our children! In this issue, we present a new section—Kabbalah Today KIDS, featuring a story that will enlighten kids and adults alike, and explain how we can find our way to unity, joy and perfection.
Enjoy all this and much more in the 15th issue of Kabbalah Today!