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Editor’s Note

More Real than Reality TV, More Connected than the Internet

Looking at the cover of this issue, you might find yourself thinking: “What on earth is the connection between the authentic 5,000 year-old wisdom of Kabbalah and the reality game show Survivor!?” And that’s a really good question.

Surprising as it is, this issue of Kabbalah Today focuses on something close to us all: the modern entertainment industry. It offers Kabbalah’s perspective on today’s most popular television shows and Internet services. Why? Because in one way or another, they are all reflections of our inner world.

In “Anything but Survival” you’ll see how the game show Survivor—one of the most top-rated series’ on American TV—teaches us a great deal about our true, inherent nature and the change it has to undergo. “Tom and Jerry and Our Children” will show you how our egoistic development affects even the good ol’ Tom and Jerry, and of course, our children who watch them.

“Facebook—What’s All the Fuss?” continues to explore the issues raised by the above articles. As its name implies, this article explains the popularity of virtual social networks, revealing that it's caused by our underlying desire to discover a new realm where we can connect to each other beyond all our differences, and even beyond time and space.

This issue will also give you some new food for thought on profound themes such as life and death, the illusory nature of our world, why love is connected to pain, and why we are so attracted to the elusive phenomenon of light.