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Inspired by Unity

This issue was created at the same time that a historic event was taking place in Israel—the 2008 International Kabbalah Congress. Over 2,500 Kabbalah students, from 53 countries, speaking 42 languages, came together for four days to put the Kabbalistic principle of unity into practice. Naturally, this issue was greatly inspired by this historic event.

“Kabbalah Explains the Bible” tells the truth about the greatest bestseller of all time. You will learn that behind the historical tales and moral teachings, there is an instruction manual for spiritual discovery. Thanks to the Congress, this book is finally being used the way the author had intended.

“The All-Purpose Remedy” will help you better understand why the Congress was held: The article explains that the one and only remedy for all our ills is to correct our egos. And that’s exactly what the Congress participants worked on.

Among the diverse participants were hundreds of young people. They had all come to Kabbalah with a burning desire to discover the purpose of their existence. “What’s Happening to our Youth?” explains that today’s youth are facing a crisis because they have yet to receive an answer to this vital question. Therefore, it is our responsibility to provide them with the answer.

There aren’t really words to describe what happened at the Congress; yet there is one word that says it all—love. “Love, Deciphered” is a heart-warming read for Valentine's Day, reminding us that when we attain the quality of love, we rise to a completely new, spiritual dimension of existence.