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Editor’s Note

“Ohhh… So That’s What Kabbalah’s Been Talking About!”

Working on this issue, our editorial staff was amazed to find that anywhere we looked, we found people talking about Kabbalah’s 5,000 year old principles, without even being aware of it.

Take happiness—a major subject of interest lately. Modern psychologists and economists, turned “happiness researchers,” are saying that something about the way we try to receive pleasure doesn’t let the pleasure last. Read “Cracking the Happiness Code” to find out why Kabbalah (“reception” in Hebrew) is precisely the wisdom that teaches us how to receive lasting pleasure.

Researchers in other scientific fields—the brain sciences and Genetics—have also discovered one of Kabbalah’s principles: that in one way or another, all human thoughts and actions are predetermined. In “A Kabbalist, a Geneticist and the Meaning of Life” you’ll see what happens when Genetics meets Kabbalah, and “The Freedom Blues” will show you how Kabbalah beautifully comes in to complement the modern scientific findings and point us to where we can find freedom.

On a different front, there’s the Internet—today it’s hard to imagine life without e-mail or Google. But did you know that over seven million people are running an entire life in a virtual world called “Second Life”? In “Better than the Virtual World!?” you’ll see how this fits right into humanity’s general course of development toward a much better world—the spiritual world.

Finally, we’d like to invite you to our 2008 International Kabbalah Congress—check out the details on the last page.