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Editor's Note

A Children's Story?

The wisdom of Kabbalah teaches a simple principle: although we don’t often feel it, and see around us a world full of schisms, we are all actually interconnected. In this issue of Kabbalah Today, we will explore this principle from several perspectives.

Subconsciously, everyone feels that all the world’s problems could be solved if everyone loved one another. “Love Is the Way” explains that love between people is an innate quality of nature, and tells the story of Abraham, the first who discovered this principle.

Many Kabbalists since Abraham have discovered this quality, and like him, wanted to share it with everyone. One of them, the great Kabbalist, Rav Kook, is presented in this issue’s “Kabbalah Icons.”

As an ideal, nobody opposes the love of man. In practice, however, even though we teach children how important it is to give and to share, we see how difficult it is to do so. “You Have a New Message” discusses how we have invented ways of keeping in touch—without really touching, and without really feeling either.

Today, we have lost the notion that the whole of humanity can be one, big loving family. So how can we make it more than just a children’s story?

Kabbalah is designed specifically to answer this question. In “Ask the Kabbalist,” Rav Laitman answers questions about Kabbalah’s basics, and in “Permission to Reveal” you will see that today’s growing interest in Kabbalah is not by chance, it is part of a greater realization: that love of man can—and must—become a reality. Enjoy these articles and more in this month’s is