Kabbalah: User Manual - Official Kabbalah Publication of the Bnei Baruch Kabbalah Education & Research Institute
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Kabbalah: User Manual

What is Kabbalah?

Kabbalah is a method of revealing divinity to a person who is in this world. It explains to us the purpose of life and how to fulfill this purpose. Kabbalah sheds light on the processes we go through during our lives. It also describes what happens to the soul after life in this world ends.

Who are Kabbalists?

Kabbalists are people who discovered and understood the overall reality – our world and the Upper World. They explain to us how a person can reach eternal life while still living in this world.

Kabbalah –Why Now?

In order to discover the wisdom of Kabbalah as the method for attaining happy and tranquil life, humanity had to undergo several developmental phases. Kabbalists explain that in our time, when humanity has reached the last phase of its development, our generation is now ready and mature enough for Kabbalah to reveal divinity to all.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Kabbalah related to tarot cards, astrology and numerology?

No. Tarot cards, astrology and numerology are mystical practices which were mistakenly associated with Kabbalah during the past one hundred years.

What is Kabbalistic meditation?

There is no Kabbalistic meditation. Kabbalah teaches a person how to internally change relating to other people – moving from hate to love.

Are there any amulets in Kabbalah?

No. In our world, there are no physical objects that bear any spiritual contents. Amulets can only help a person as a psychological support.

What is the relationship between Kabbalah, red strings and holy water?

There is no connection. Red strings, holy water and other products are a lucrative commercial invention created in the past two decades.

Myths and Facts

Myth: Kabbalah is a religion.

Fact: Kabblah is a science – the physics of the overall reality. It is a wisdom that reveals the comprehensive reality that is normally hidden from our senses.

Myth: Kabbalah is reserved for a minority of persons and only men over 40 years of age are allowed to learn it.

Fact: During the exile Kabbalah was only studied by a few select individuals. However, since the time of the Ari (the 16th century), it is available to all.

Myth: Kabbalah deals with magic.

Fact: Kabbalah does not deal with magic or any other sorcery; rather, it deals with a pragmatic investigation of reality.

Myth: Kabbalah is a sect.

Fact: Kabbalah is a wisdom and a science open to every person without any restrictions.

Myth: Kabbalah is related to “New Age” and is a trend – a passing phenomenon.

Fact: Kabbalah is humanity’s oldest wisdom, its beginnings were 5,000 years ago.