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Editor’s Note

Let’s Talk about Love

The feature article of this issue, “Love, Love, Love,” explains that the Creator is a force of love. It is this force that creates and sustains all life. Once we acquire the ability to truly love, we will find the key to a hidden door—the door to His universe.

“Love is a many-splendor thing,” sang The Four Aces back in 1955. Indeed, a person who obtains the quality of love, who loves unreservedly is handsomely rewarded. Such a person bonds with the force that begets all creations, perceives the events and situations in our world at their deepest root, and lives in agreement with the Creator and His creations.

Kabbalah explains that there are two ways to achieve the Creator: a path of pain and a path of Light. Righteous people such as Rabbi Shimon Bar-Yochai, author of The Book of Zohar, and Baal HaSulam, author of the most comprehensive commentary on The Zohar, explain that by loving others, one can march on the path of Light and experience eternity and bliss while still in this world.

These Kabbalists reveal through books what we would otherwise reveal through our own efforts and pain. By doing so, they introduce us to a path of progress through enlightenment, the path of Light.

In this issue we will try to focus on both the importance of love as a means to achieving eternal life and harmony, and the ways by which we can develop it. There are as many ways to experience love as there are people; but the message of Kabbalah is very clear: if you acquire the quality of love, you have become as eternal and whole as the Creator.